MRTS - one of the best constructional companies of the oil and gas complex

At the “Oil and gas complex construction” conference (“Neftegazstroi-2017”) on 23rd May 2017 the joint-stock company “Meshregiontruboprovodstroi” received an award as the best company of the year nominated for “Construction of main underwater sea pipelines, arrangement of underwater oil and gas fields”. Aleksander Igorevich Saksagansky, counselor of the general director of “MRTS Holding” Ltd., took part in the award ceremony at the “Neftegazstroi-2017” conference.


MRTS was recognized as the winner based on the annual survey, in which this time participated 19 of the biggest oil and gas companies. The goal of the survey is the informational provision development of the market, increase of its transparency and openness and propaganda of conscientious oil and gas building companies.


“We are very happy about the fact, that we received such a high assessment. It is especially valuable from professionals, such as customers, colleagues and partners. However, one should say, that we are able to reach more than that! For example, next year we are hoping to reach the first place in the nomination «construction of hydrotechnical facilities». To be fair, we could have already been able to reach that place in this year.” - said Aleksander Saksagansky.


The survey helps to identify the most conscientious companies in six nominations:

● construction of linear objects/facilities

● construction of ground objects, arrangement of land-based oil and gas fields

● construction of oil and gas recycling objects

● construction of oil and gas provision

● construction of main underwater sea pipelines, arrangement of underwater oil and gas fields

● construction of hydrotechnical facilities (provision of piers, harbour areas, construction of artificial islands)


However, in 2017, three of the nomination winners were not found.