The “MRTS” delegation took part in the 21st international economical forum of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg’s economical forum took place from 1st till 3rd June in 2017. It became record-breaking in many aspects. First of all, it is the record-breaking amount of participants: “SPIEF-2017” was visited by more than 14 thousand business representatives, international organizations and scientific communities, official individuals of various states, experts and journalists from over 143 countries around the world - including USA, India, Germany, China, Italy and Japan. Russia was presented by heads of 700 companies. Top managers from 400 companies came to the forum from abroad.


The theme of “SPIEF-2017” covered different spheres: questions about energetics and transport, socially economical development, culture and tourism, ecology and health-care, education and science and many other topics were raised.


More than 900 speakers participated at the “SPIEF-2017”. Moreover, representatives of all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the business program events, 76 of which were presented on the regions head level.


The “MRTS” delegation was also represented very strongly at the SPIEF.


The amount of business program events of the forum was doubled in comparison to SPIEF-2016 and reached 127. A key event for the forum got to be a business dialogue between Russia and USA: it hasn’t been held for three years.


According to official results, 475 investment-related agreements, memorandums and agreements about intentions of a total amount of 1817,9 billion russian rubles were signed at the SPIEF-2017. This indicator only takes those agreements into account, whose total amount is not a commercial confidentiality. According to the amount of signed agreements the year 2017 also became record-breaking: in 2016 356 agreements were signed in the framework of SPIEF. It has 205 in 2015.


“MRTS” did not become an exception. In the framework of SPIEF “MRTS” has agreed to have a collaborative project with “Oboronlogistika” Ltd., which is an affiliate of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and a subsidiary company of the joint-stock company “Oboronstroi”. The project is concerning the organization of airport plates production, which are supposed to be delivered to the facilities of the Ministry of Defence in the arctic zone of the Russian Federation.


The “MRTS” delegation took active part in all specialized events, among which were those regarding shelf development for example the session “Implementation of innovative materials and technologies of underwater resource exploration at the arctic shelf”. This session has been organized by the committee of economical politics and strategical planing in St. Petersburg. Question about the development of the road map for implementation of new materials and technologies in the establishment of domestic underwater mining complexes and creation of the oil and gas transport cluster (Sea resource cluster), as well as cross-sectoral cooperation for the creation of difficult technological complexes for the exploration of underwater resources at the arctic shelf.