Every member of our team plays an important role in achieving our common goals. We believe that the success of any organization directly depends on its employees.

At MRTS JSC, we have talented, dedicated professionals who every day make their contribution to the development of our business. Our engineering and technical staff, quality control specialists, occupational safety experts, welding production workers, and builders all possess unique, unparalleled in Russia knowledge and experience in implementing the most complex infrastructure projects, including those carried out in the extreme conditions of the Arctic.




Professionalism and Excellence

All members of the MRTS team possess deep knowledge and skills in their respective areas, acquired through specialized education and many years of work experience.

Initiative and Innovation

Our employees are not afraid to bring new ideas and solutions to the table, striving to continuously improve and enhance the quality of construction processes.


Our goal is to create a perfect team where everyone works towards a common goal, respects the interests of their colleagues, and helps and supports each other.

Responsibility and Reliability

Such qualities of our employees as responsibility, reliability, and self-discipline have formed a solid foundation for the company's successful implementation of the most complex projects.


Corporate Culture is the Basis of Success!

Our corporate culture is based on values that promote growth, innovation, and mutual respect. We strive to create an environment where every employee feels like an important member of a large and supportive family. Mutual respect, support, encouragement of professional and personal growth form the atmosphere of our team.


We not only work towards achieving business goals, but also pay special attention to the development of our employees. Regular seminars and training sessions have become an important part of our corporate culture. We strive for every employee to experience personal and professional growth and development in the company.




  • Employment in a large company with interesting large-scale projects.
  • Official employment and legitimate salary.
  • Full compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Corporate transportation.
  • New Year's gifts for children under 14.
  • Monthly salary bonuses based on years of service.
  • Opportunities for professional and career growth.
  • Company-paid flights to the workplace.
  • Meal compensation while on shift.
  • Compensation of inter-shift downtime.



Administrative and Management Personnel
Engineering and Technical Personnel
Specialists and Production workers