Metal structures


The MRTS group of companies has the technical capability to implement the full cycle of production of metal structures.



Our advantages

  • Closest to the Arctic production facility and logistics base;
  • Manufacture of unique types of products;
  • Own port structure;
  • Year-round port operation;
  • Direct access from the M-8 highway and railway (without bridges and river crossings);
  • Developed infrastructure of the region and surrounding areas.


Production Structure




Pipe Production Shop

This production department is designed to manufacture pipe products ranging in diameter from 820 to 2,500 mm with the wall thickness of up to 45 mm.


Technological Equipment:

  • Welding equipment HAANE (Germany);
  • • Bending equipment DAVI (Italy).


Example of Unique Product

Manufacturing of metal structures for the Automated Wireless Observer Unit tower


9,000 – 3,500


Welding Shop

The shop is designed for the manufacture of medium-sized and small-sized construction metal structures of various structural purposes.


Shop Dimensions: 70×20,5×11,5 meters.



  • 1,500 tons per month (small-sized construction metal structures);
  • 1,500 tons per month (medium-sized construction metal structures).

Technological Equipment (short list):

  • Gas cutting machine SAPPHIRE BL2;
  • Portal plasma cutting machine MicroStep;
  • Abrasive cutting machine - 400 B;
  • Vertical drilling machine 2n135 (2 units);
  • Screw cutting engine lathe 16 k20;
  • Bandsaw machine Stalex TGK-4240;
  • Welding machine FastMig F 450 (35 units);
  • Pipe bending machine UG S-6/1A.


Example of Unique Product

Manufacturing of metal structures of large diameter shells




Assembly and Welding shop for large-sized metal structures

This shop is designed for the manufacture of pile products with diameters ranging from 116 to 2,520 mm.



Painting shop (stationary)

The shop's productivity is up to 2,000 square meters per day.


Technological Equipment:

  • Transport modules 25 tons (12 units);
  • Rotational modules (24 units);
  • Airless spray painting machines Graco (22 units);
  • Jet cleaning machines (16 units);
  • Compressor equipment (12 units).


Painting shops (Mobile)

The assembly of structures is carried out both in the production base and on the construction site (assembly time is 70 days).


The productivity of the shops is up to 400 m2/day.


The shops are equipped with all necessary technological equipment (heating, ventilation, fire alarm, transportation and crane equipment, painting and abrasive blasting equipment).


Size of the produced pile products:

  • Length - up to 24,000 mm;
  • Diameter - up to 2,500 mm.





Technological structures for pile driving
Pipe products Ø820–2500 mm, wall thickness up to 45 mm
Pipe sheet piles and shell piles
Column pile
Conductor guides for driving inclined and vertical piles Ø2520, Ø1420
Pile driving transitional devices Ø1420 mm x Ø2520 mm
Technological platforms for lifting equipment 400 and 600 tons
Spreader bars for reloading piles, laying and installing gabions
Elements of the temporary bracing system for the pile field
Components of upper structures for hydraulic structures
Metal structures of Automated Wireless Observer Units
Elements of large-diameter shells
Technological pipeline racks
Supports, grillage, and other metal structures of linear pipelines
Embedded parts
Auxiliary metal structures
Other areas of activity